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LG 8,000 BTU Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner LP0821GSSM

LG 8,000 BTU Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner LP0821GSSM

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The LG LP0821GSSM is a portable air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTUs, making it suitable for rooms up to 350 square feet. It features two fan speeds, low and high, and an airflow of 275 CFM to keep your room comfortable. With a dehumidification capacity of 3.23 pints per hour, it can also help remove excess moisture from the air.

This portable air conditioner is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with the LG ThinQ app, allowing you to control and monitor your air conditioner from your smartphone or tablet. You can also use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust the temperature or turn the air conditioner on or off.

The LP0821GSSM is designed for energy efficiency, with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 9.2 and Energy Star certification. It operates on a power supply of 115V/60Hz/1PH, with a cooling power input of 820W and a cooling current input of 7.5A. The refrigerant type used is R32, which is more environmentally friendly than some other refrigerants.

This portable air conditioner features a programmable timer that allows you to set the air conditioner to turn on or off at a specified time, up to 24 hours in advance. It also has a washable and reusable air filter to help keep the air in your room clean, as well as an LED display with touch controls for easy operation. The auto-restart function ensures that the air conditioner automatically resumes operation in case of a power outage, and the caster wheels make it easy to move the unit from room to room.


  • Cooling capacity: 8,000 BTUs
  • Room size: Up to 350 sq. ft.
  • Dehumidification capacity: 3.23 pints per hour
  • Airflow: 275 CFM
  • Fan speeds: 2 (low and high)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes, compatible with LG ThinQ app
  • Voice control: Yes, with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Energy Star certified: Yes
  • Power supply: 115V/60Hz/1PH
  • Cooling power input: 820W
  • Cooling current input: 7.5A
  • Refrigerant type: R32
  • Programmable timer: Yes, up to 24 hours in advance
  • Air filter: Washable and reusable
  • Display: LED with touch controls
  • Auto-restart: Yes
  • Caster wheels: Yes
  • Dimensions: 17.52 x 14.56 x 28.15 inches
  • Weight: 62.9 pounds
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