JumpStart SoupMate Pro Steamer Blender Juicer Soup Maker

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Now you can make gourmet soups in as little as 20 minutes. Straight into your bowl, no pots or pans, no stick blender, no ladle. It Cooks, it Blends, it Serves!


Jumpstart Soupmate takes the hassle out of cooking. It is your new secret weapon to eating right, losing weight and getting into shape. Just pour your ingredients, choose your setting and voila – maximum taste with minimal effort!


The secret lies in the powerful 800 watt cooking element that quickly heats and boils all the ingredients. Once they’re soft, the surgical stainless steel blades are programmed to chop, slice, dice and whisk.


With just a push of a button the Jumpstart Soupmate magically transforms you into a master chef. You are going to effortlessly create delicious, nutritious, creamy, mouth-watering, gourmet soups right in your very own kitchen – fast and easy!


Cooking with the Jumpstart Soupmate is like having 10 kitchen appliances in 1 machine: it can heat, boil, blend, whisk and much more! The Jumpstart Soupmate has 2 pre-programmed soup settings to create CHUNKY SOUP and SMOOTH SOUP, but that’s just the beginning...


The STEAMER attachment lets you quickly and easily steam fish, veggies and more.

The REHEAT function enables pre-cooked soup to be reheated and ready-to-serve. You can warm up and simmer soups, sauces, dips, and even baby food!

The built in blender blades allow the Jumpstart Soupmate to be used solely as a BLENDER to make smoothies, purees, dips and dressings.

Use it as a high speed JUICER: add your fruit in the top and presto, healthy fresh juice comes out the bottom.

It’s even a full service HOT DRINKS MACHINE!





Compact single unit, just 15 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 11 inches in height, and weighs only 7.4 lbs.

Standard US wattage of 110 volts

Comes with the below attachments:

  • Jump Start Jug Lid
  • Jump Start Measuring Cup Lid
  • Sieve Attachment
  • Steamer Attachment


Unit is new in box and comes with 3Gorillas.com 90 day warranty.

Condition: New

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