Frigidaire 7.5 Cu. Ft. Retro Top Freezer Refrigerator, Black EFR753-BLACK

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Frigidaire 7.5 Cu. Ft. Retro Top Freezer Refrigerator in Black is a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. This eye-catching refrigerator not only adds a pop of color to your kitchen but also offers impressive performance to meet your cooling needs.

Retro Charm with Modern Convenience:
Step back in time with the iconic retro design that harks back to a classic era while enjoying the convenience of modern features. The vibrant Red exterior instantly catches the eye and becomes a focal point in any kitchen, infusing a touch of nostalgia into your living space.

Ample Storage Space:
Boasting a generous 7.5 cubic feet of storage capacity, this refrigerator provides ample room for all your favorite foods and beverages. The spacious interior is thoughtfully designed with adjustable shelves, door bins, and a crisper drawer, ensuring you have optimal organization and customization options to suit your storage needs.

Efficient Freezer Placement:
Equipped with a top-mounted freezer, the Frigidaire refrigerator ensures easy access to frozen items while keeping them at a consistent temperature. This design not only minimizes bending and reaching but also helps maintain the freezer's efficiency by preventing cold air from escaping when the refrigerator door is opened.

Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency:
Maintain precise temperature control with the adjustable thermostat, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your groceries. The refrigerator's energy-efficient design helps reduce electricity consumption, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Quiet and Reliable Performance:
The Frigidaire refrigerator is engineered for quiet operation, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into your daily routine without causing unnecessary noise disruptions. Its reliable performance guarantees your food remains fresh and accessible whenever you need it.

Easy Maintenance:
Cleaning and maintaining this refrigerator is a breeze, thanks to its removable shelves and bins. The smooth exterior surface can be easily wiped clean, making it effortless to keep your appliance looking pristine and inviting.

Space-Saving Design:
With its compact footprint, is an excellent choice for kitchens with limited space. Its slim yet spacious design makes it an ideal option for apartments, offices, dormitories, and smaller homes without compromising on functionality.


Color: Black
Type: Top Freezer Refrigerator
Total Capacity: 7.5 cubic feet
Refrigerator Compartment:

Capacity: Approx. 5.1 cubic feet
Adjustable Glass Shelves: Yes
Door Bins: Yes
Crisper Drawer: Yes
Interior Light: Yes
Freezer Compartment:

Capacity: Approx. 2.4 cubic feet
Top-Mounted Freezer: Yes
Wire Shelf: Yes
Temperature Control:

Adjustable Thermostat: Yes
Energy Star Certified: Pending energy efficiency information
Dimensions: 23"D x 23.5"W x 57"H

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