Danby 50 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier w/ Auto Restart & Direct Drain DDR50A2GP

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A portable dehumidifier is the perfect solution when it comes to removing unhealthy and uncomfortable moisture from the air.


This chic unit can remove up to 50 pints (23.7 litres) of it every 24 hours. Depending on the specific conditions ideal for large areas up to a total of 3,000 square feet. The Energy Star-rated appliance offers unmatched styling and quality with two quiet fan speeds, automatic restart and de-icing features and a direct drain system which allows for continuous operation. The R410A refrigerant is environmentally friendly and the electronic digital panel makes it a simple appliance to control and monitor. You’ll be able to operate the humidifier in temperatures as low as 5ºC (41F) because of the clever low-temperature feature. The easy-to-remove filter makes it a breeze to clean and you can conveniently move the dehumidifier from room to room with the aid of the rolling castors.



  • 50 U.S. pint (23.7 litre) capacity per 24 hours
  • For areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. depending on conditions
  • Energy Star® compliant
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant
  • Electronic controls
  • 2 Fan speeds (High - Low)
  • Auto Restart feature
  • Low temperature feature allows the system to continue to operate until temperature reaches 5ºC
  • Auto de-icer prevents ice build-up on coils
  • Direct drain feature for continuous operation
  • Removable air filter is easy to clean
  • Castors for easy portability



Product Width 38.8cm 15 4/16"
Product Depth 64.0cm 12 3/16"
Product Height 59.8cm 23 9/16"


Shipping Weight 18.80kg 41.40lbs


By Volume 23.70 Liters 50.00 Pints



***These Units are Factory Remanufactured to Work in Like New Condition.
May have some cosmetic flaws that do not affect the functionality of the unit.


90 Day Warranty on Parts & Labor.


These Units are Factory Remanufactured to Work in Like New Condition.
May have some cosmetic flaws that do not affect the functionality of the unit.

90 Day Warranty on Parts & Labor.

Condition: Refurbished (What's this?)

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Excelet appliance, not properly referbished. Review by crashk6
Overall Rating
I had purchased a Danby dehumidifier from 3 Gorillas 2 years ago with a 2 year warranty. The first one arrived non-working.. a refurbishing problem. But 3G fixed the issue and it was a great appliance.. unfortunately it drown in a recent basement flood.. still doing it's job as water overtook it.. the irony is not lost on me. After looking around I decided to get another Danby and 3Gorrilas had not as great a deal as last time, but it was compelling enough I bit on it and ordered a DDR50A2GP as it has great consumer reviews. The negative aspect was I couldn't find and add on warranty for this one like I had purchased last time. However since my last one outlived it's warranty by several months and did not die of its own free will, I hit buy anyway. The big day arrived, or rather my new dehumidifier arrived. Upon opening the box I noted it was well packed, once I freed it from its box I noticed an odd orange smear on the from of the unit. Now I understand refurbished may have cosmetic flaws, so I just gave it a quick wipe with a magic eraser cleaning block and the smudge was gone. it was also inside the protective packing bag.. this was a mystery substance.. but it didn't stay a mystery for long. I next noted it was on the power cord too along with some abrasions and a slice right down to the copper hot conductor in the cord. I removed the water bin and found the float loose inside of it I checked for damage to the tank but it was fine. I carefully reinstalled the float in it's proper place. This model was different then my previous and the washable screen is accessed by pulling it down and out after you remove the water tank. So I was examining this arrangement when I noted I couldn't get the screen to come out. Some careful but firm & persistent jiggling it came out.. along with CHUNKY RUST and plastic pieces which are part of the internal case where the edges snap together. With the screen out I could clearly see through the front intake the refrigeration coils on the left hand front side on the end where the loops are boned to the fins is heavily rusted. This was the orange substance inside the bag that has been smeared on the front of the appliance in shipping. I then started examining the appliance even closer, the sided of the appliance has a big bulge where the case wasn't properly rejoined before being screwed back together.. forcing it back together this way not only allows you to look inside but it also the cause of the plastic shard which broke off inside the machine and jammed the screen. i also found that the units water discharge hose attachment is clogged with a dried slug of bio-film which wasn't cleaned out, I'd have to open the unit to remove that.. which the refurbisher should have done, particularly because there is a risk of legionella from improperly cleaned appliances like this. I am very disappointed, I bought a referb at refurb prices.. but I got garage sale used appliance repair job. My unit at best needs a new cord-set, the case reseated (assuming it's not permanently deformed from being forced together), And a good cleaning and mildewcide treatment. At worst the rust falling out of it may have already caused weakening of the coil walls severely shortening the life of this appliance.. and without the option of and extended warranty if it only lives a year I just ate the cost. This appliance arrived in unsafe and not fully refurbished condition. I tested it's running and it does dehumidify into the bucket.. but with a damaged cord and the clogged discharge port this is a non-starter. It is sitting unused. and UNPLUGGED! This is a good appliance if in good condition.. but my refeb is a lemon and I'm noticing a theme with my second purchase from #Gorillas. (Posted on 1/25/2016)

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