Whirlpool Bathtubs: Relaxation at a Discounted Price

Like an oasis in the desert, a whirlpool tub offers stress-quenching relaxation that takes the edge off a hectic day. Designed to provide years of relaxing massages for tired, aching muscles, determining the one that works best in your home means finding the model that provides the functionality you desire

Ariel Platinum 14 Jet Massage Whirlpool Bathtub AM128JDCLZ

Determine the right size for your environment. Document the measurements of the existing tub, or the area where the whirlpool tub needs to fit into. Search for whirlpool tubs that comfortably fit into your bath area. Whirlpool tubs come in several sizes as well as shapes. They come in models that hold one or two people. Many older bathrooms don't have space enough to accommodate a two-person tub. Before falling in love with an unsuitable one, approach your search with finding the perfect fit for your environment in mind.


Calculate your budget. Whirlpool baths start at $700 and go up to over $1,100. Before racking up all the features you want on your whirlpool unit, shop around and determine the cost of each extra you think you may want. Whirlpool tubs have different size jets that spout out water at different levels of power depending on their size. While the smaller jets typically spurt out water at a less powerful level than the larger ones, many consumers consider the larger jets less aesthetically pleasing. Create a "must have" list denoting what features are the most important to include in your purchase.


We have a fantastic selection of whirlpool bathtubs that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We also have great shower systems that not only have whirlpool baths but also a sauna. Our discounted prices add to the simplicity of purchasing a whirlpool tub. Include in the fact we always offer FREE shipping to the continental United States and you know you have found the place to make your relaxation station dreams come true.

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