What is the best Versonel NightWatcher for me?

Versonel is the United States & Canadian Distribution partner for Versonel NightWatcher Robotic Security Lighting Products. 


But what is a NightWatcher Robotic Security Lighting Product?


The best way I can describe the Night Watchers and the differences between the models is to use first person experience, so I will explain how I have used each of these NightWatchers for my real world experiences.



Versonel Nightwatcher Pro 8 LED

Security Motion Track Light VSLNWP502

This is our most basic, yet effective NightWatcher unit. It is a robotic, motion & heat activated light that will span up to 220 degrees, so the light literally follows the movement. This light is perfect for my backyard. I live in a city where my garage is in my backyard off an alley. When I come home at night, this light will immediately come on when I enter my backyard, which is about 50 feet away from the light mounted on my house. It will stay on until I go inside. It also helps scare away the pesky creatures at night that try to eat my garden - there is nowhere they can hide! If a raccoon or rabbit or skunk tries to enter my backyard, the light immediately becomes active and will follow the pest around until it leaves. The added bonus of this is that if an intruder tries to come in my backyard, the light will come on and follow them, so it appears as if they are being watched by a real person.  


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Versonel Nightwatcher Pro Recording

Security Motion Light VSLNWP702


This is our mid-grade NightWatcher, which has all the awesome benefits of the 502 with the added features of a built-in color camera that can record onto an SD card, and audio functions. What that means is in addition to lighting my path while I walk from my garage to my house and scaring off pesky animals at night, I now have the ability to record events AND use either the pre-recorded warning alerts or record my own messages to bark at unwanted visitors who trigger the light. So if I want to see exactly what kind of animal is eating my veggie garden, this light is my answer! Whenever it is triggered, the light will become active, follow the motion of the trigger, record the event and produce an audio alarm - like a dog barking to scare off the animals. This is also beneficial for the occasional punk who tries to walk through my yard at night - let me tell you, from watching the footage on the SD card, a kid will run real fast when a light is following him and he thinks he woke up the dog, or hears my (pre-recorded) voice telling him to get off my yard. 



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Versonel Nightwatcher Pro LED

Security Motion Recording Light with WiFi VSLNWP802

The newest and most advanced NightWatcher! The 802 has all the benefits of the 502 & 702, but with the ultra techy addition of WiFi. What this means is that all I have to do is download the NightWatcher app, and I can live steam from my Nightwatcher, 24/7 from anywhere around the globe.  I find this most beneficial on my front porch. I can be notified and watch live as my kids come home from school. I can see when packages are delivered. I can see if someone suspicious is trying to approach my house. All from my app on my mobile device, wherever I am.  The light still follows movement. I can still use audio alerts to scare off unwanted company. And now with the WiFi, I can see everything as it happens. Like if vandals ever try to damage my property - this NightWatcher will capture it so I can see it live, and it will be recorded to the camera mounted SD card. Bad guys beware - I am watching you!


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