New Versonel Nightwatchers Back in stock for 2022 - VSL95W and VSL90 Models offer Big Improvements

New Versonel Nightwatchers Back in stock for 2022 - VSL95W and VSL90 Models offer Big Improvements

The Versonel Nigtwatchers are back!

Versonel Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Lights have been a popular and dependable security device for almost a decade. Now, after waiting, testing and perfecting, the latest and greatest model is available: The Versonel Nightwatcher VSL95 Robotic Motion Tracking WiFi Security Light Camera

So one of my jobs here at Versonel is to test new products, and last summer I was more than delighted to install and test the new Nightwatcher. Installation was a breeze: I sat back while my trusty father in law, a certified electrician, disconnected my old, boring porch light and installed the new Nightwatcher. For him it was easy, and I felt a lot better knowing that it was hard wired properly. I downloaded the app, synced the app to my new Nightwatcher and just like that, I could see everything that was going on in front of my house � it only took a few minutes, and I am NOT technologically inclined.�

How was I able to get it synced so quickly? For starters, it comes with a microSD card, already installed in the unit. No formatting required, no guesswork, just connect and go. Secondly, I didn�t have to go through the pain of entering all my contact info, credit card into, blood, type, 2 nd grade teachers name, first car model, etc�. The app asks you to name the Nightwatcher (in case you have more than 1) and enter a password. That�s it! No monthly fees. No personal information floating around out there. No hassle, no fuss � just instant gratification and satisfaction of knowing you just installed the only security light and camera with robotic motion tracking with absolutely 0 monthly fees.

I live in the suburbs, with very little front yard. I have to set my Nightwatcher sensitivity to the lowest
setting, and even then, I get notified every time a car drives down my street! I also get notified when our loveable neighborhood stray cat wonders onto my porch looking for the food that has been left out for him, or when my neighbor�s flag blows gently in the breeze. In other words, literally nothing escapes the view of the Nightwatcher!

So what are the benefits of this Nightwatcher? Picture it, New Year�s Day 2022. I was out of town and
going through the motion tracked recordings of the previous day � such a cool feature � and I saw a
stranger coming up to my neighbor�s house and snatching up a package. I immediately called my
neighbor, who gratefully giggled at me � it was her mother picking up packages for them while they
were out of town, but my neighbor was impressed that I was able to see this, and called to warn her.
Would a simple, stationary camera have shown this? Nope � I was only able to see it because my
Nightwatcher tracked the motion over to my neighbor�s house and followed her every move. It was a dark, rainy evening when her car pulled up � the light went on, the camera and light rotated to follow
her to the porch and back to her car, and I was able to view and record the entire event the next day.

Another one of my favorite features is the 2 way audio. Like everyone else recently, I got covid and was stuck in my house for 2 weeks, which meant lots of food delivery. In all of my orders, I would ask for the delivery person to simply leave things on my front porch so I would not have to interact with anyone and spread my covid. All but 1 listened. This poor driver � they rang my doorbell and just stood there. I was already watching all of this on my Nightwatcher through the app, so I simply enabled the microphone and asked them to please leave it on the porch because I have covid. That is the fastest I have seen someone drop food and run to their car! It was entertaining for me, but I feel bad for giving the driver such a scare!

So to say I have enjoyed my new Nightwatcher is an understatement. It�s ease of use and reliability has been proven again and again. I am sure if you have every called in and talked to me about the new Nightwatcher, you could hear the excitement in my voice. I cannot wait for everyone to try this!

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