Why you should use Versonel NightWatcher LED motion lights as part of your home security system

There are many cutting edge devices out there on the market that allow you to avoid the fear of the unknown and ensure the safety of your loved ones, and at a reasonable price too. One of these is the Versonel NightWatcher LED motion lights. Make them the crowning jewel of your home security system and you will finally be able to enjoy peace of mind in what should be your own private domain. Read on to find out how.


LED lighting

First, however, let’s take a quick look at LED lighting. Unlike conventional lighting technologies like incandescent bulbs, which rely on heating an element until it glows, LEDs work by converting electrical energy into visible light. A current is passed through a semi-conductor material or ‘diode’, knocking loose electrons from it’s surface; in the process they emit quanta of electromagnetic energy – which appear to use as visible light. It’s a very simple technology and, indeed, due to their efficiency, reliability and longevity, LEDs are rapidly phasing out older lighting technologies in all sorts of fields and applications – domestic and commercial alike.

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The Versonel Nightwatcher LED motion lights

One of these applications is home security lighting, and probably the best example of this type of LED lighting currently going around is the Versonel Nightwatcher LED light. Utilizing PIR motion sensor technology, whenever movement is detected within it’s vicinity, the Versonel Nightwatcher Security Light will cast it’s beam in that direction. In the process it will record what is going on (for example, if there are any intruders present at your front door) onto an SD card that you can replay afterwards; whilst at the same time sending that information directly to your smart device.

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The Versonel Nightwatcher LED security light literally delivers 24/7 monitoring of your property; with a motion sensing range of 55 feet spanning 220 degrees, nothing will make it past this light. The 4GB SD card (which can also be upgraded to 32 GB) is capable of recording up to 2,000 different events. It also features a full color camera, with Wi-Fi connection for either at home or remote live monitoring of your property. This product is compatible with all Apple and Android devices. It doesn’t matter if you are inside your home, around the block – or even in a different country or continent – with the Versonel Nightwatcher LED security light will allow you to know what’s going on at your front door within moments.

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Last but not least, this device features 8 separate 1 watt LED lamps, so that you will enjoy a lighting experience that is crisp and clean, economical, and with minimal need for maintenance and replacement of bulbs.


All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Versonel Nightwatcher LED security light, make it the centerpiece of your home security system today.


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