Smart+ Products Kegerators: You Know You Want Me

In’s unrelenting pursuit to find products that make you way cooler than your friends, we have again succeeded.  We would like to present to you Smart+ Products Full Keg Kegerators!!




Smart+ Products Freestand Full Keg Kegerator Beer-Meister SPP155BDSS





Smart+ Products Stainless Steel Kegerators allow you to either brew your own beer or purchase kegs from your local distributor for your enjoyment. Everyone knows that draft tap beer from a keg tastes better than bottled beer. Duh!  It will also save you money. Buying beer in a keg is always cheaper than buying bottled beer.  If you brew your own beer or use a brewing house then it saves in most cases over half the price of the bottled beer equivalent!  Geez, we are even good at math.



This unit is great for all those looking to have fresh tap beer available in your own home and the sleek stainless steel door provides a stylish and contemporary complement to any bar or entertaining area. This thing even has a secret CO2 tank space saver that stores it inside the fridge, so you can sit it flush against the wall.



Seriously, I am not sure what else we can do for you to boost yourself through the social stratosphere. You don’t have to thank us, we are givers by nature.   You can check out Smart+Products Kegerators HERE at $499.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

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