3Gorillas.com Reviews & Ratings: Partnering With Shopper Approved

In our never ending quest to provide you the best online shopping experience (check out our About Us ratings page) we have teamed up with Shopper Approved.  What is Shopper Approved?  Great question! 


Shopper Approved 3Gorillas.com


Shopper Approved is a premier customer review and rating service, created to help educate and inform visitors like you about online businesses solely based on evaluations and feedback from actual paying customers.


How does this help you?  Another great question…


It helps you make better buying choices because Shopper Approved collects assessments and feedback that is based upon as many as seven unique rating criteria, which take into account the various elements of an average purchase, which include:


- Satisfaction with the purchase in general

- Customer Service satisfaction

- Chances of suggesting to someone else

- Chances of buying again

- Delivery Time satisfaction

- Service or product satisfaction

- Investment satisfaction


See, we need you to help us, help you, have a great experience while shopping with 3gorillas.com. 


Please explore our Shopper Approved ratings and feel free to leave any feedback you may have here.

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