Range Hoods: Why do I need one and what do they do?

Let’s face it, the kitchen is the most popular room in the home. It is one of the first rooms we see when we enter the house and usually the room people end up hanging out in during a party. Not only are good appliances aesthetically pleasing but, good appliances are important when it comes time to cook. One appliance whose importance is often overlooked is the range hood.

A range hood is used to help keep air pollutants to a minimum and your oven/stove area looking nice. In addition, the range hood keeps the walls from becoming greasy, along with paint from peeling, carpeting from becoming discolored, and the house from having a musty smell. In other words, the range hood keeps the kitchen and other rooms of the home clean and healthy. When you shop for a new range hood, make sure it has ample power to filter the amount of air pollutants in your kitchen. You will find hoods measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. Typically, for every 10,000 BTU that a gas stove would produce, you need 100 CFM. Now, if you use an electric stove to cook, the CFM is estimated differently, this time by the size of the stove with 100 CFM per every 10 inches of width.

You will also find a number of quality range hoods on the market that use exterior blowers or interior blowers. You will want to make sure any range hood you buy has the Sone rating, which is the measurement, or unit of noise the hood makes. With this, the key is choosing a lower rating, which equates to a quieter hood. Obviously, you do not want to turn on the range hood only to have it drown out conversation, which unfortunately, some do.

We offer a variety of high quality range hood solutions for every type of ventilation need.  Please check all our range hoods for one that specifically meets your needs.

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