Portable Air Conditioners - The answer to your temperature problems!

Portable Air Conditioners: The Answer to Your Temperaturs Problems


Versonel compact infrared heaters are the ultimate tool for ensuring optimal winter comfort whether around the house, apartment, or cabin. They’re incredibly cost efficient, and they provide even heat distribution designed to maintain optimal temperatures in spaces of up to 800 square feet. But when it comes to keeping cool during the summer months, you’ll need a portable air conditioner to take the place of your Versonel heater.Modernize has put together the following list of benefits you can expect to take advantage of after getting your new portable air conditioner home:


Don’t Worry About Restrictions


If you live in an apartment or condominium, chances are that you have homeowner’s association codes that restrict the use of window air conditioners and fans. Portable air conditioners can’t be seen from the outside, so they are exempt from any restrictions that might be on your home. Even modern portable air conditioners that require window access for ventilation can be hooked up so that they aren’t seen through the window from outdoors nowadays.





Rely on Lower Energy Costs


Portable air conditioners tend to use less power than HVAC systems and built-in air conditioners, which results in lower energy costs on a monthly basis. Portable air conditioners are less expensive in terms of initial investment as well as ongoing maintenance. And with a portable air conditioner, you can focus on cooling just the room you’re spending time in, which will dramatically cut down on your reliance on an air conditioning system overall.



Take Advantage of Customization


Because portable air conditioning systems are so easy to move around, you can customize the temperature within any given room without affecting the other rooms. This makes it simple to customize temperatures for everyone in the household who happens to be home at the same time—those who like it warmer than others can spend time in the rooms that don’t have a portable air conditioner running in them.




Enjoy an Easy Installation Process


Portable air conditioners are really easy to install, so there isn’t a need for a professional’s help—and this can save you upwards of a couple hundred dollars. Many models simply need to be set up on the floor in the room where you want it to perform, and then plugged into an outlet before being turned on. If there is any additional installation necessary, full instructions and pictorials are included to make the job easy on do-it-yourselfers.



You should find that your new portable air conditioner is so useful that it pays for itself within just a few short months of use.

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