How Do I Choose A Pet Crate? New Age and Merry Pet Habitats

Your pet’s crate is an incredibly important part of you animal’s life. It’s their home within your home. A crate could cost you anywhere between $30 to $300, this purchase might be the most expensive one you make for your pet. When choosing a crate you want to make sure it is durable enough to last the lifetime of your pet, as well as insuring that it is comfortable for your animal. When looking for a crate keep these ideas in mind.

New Age Pet Habitat n Home Mission Med. Espresso Dog Crate  EHHC102M

How large of a crate for my animal?


The crate should be large enough for your pet to stand up easily, turn around, and they should be able to stretch out comfortably. Make sure your pet does not have to curl up to fit inside the crate. You do not want the crate to be large enough that your pet can “do it’s business”, and still have enough space to be comfortable. Purchase your crate for the adult dimensions of your pet, you can use dividers or place a box inside to adjust the space as they grow.


Would you like, wire or plastic?


The size of your pet, as well as the coat style plays a factor in the style of crate you should purchase. Also, think about if you might be flying with your pet.


Wire dog crate: If your animal has a long coat a wire crate provides plenty of ventilation and will keep your pet cool. You should make sure the bars are spaced closely enough to keep your pet from slipping its head and paws through them.


Plastic dog crate: If your animal has a shorter coat or you if you live in a cooler climate a plastic crate might be a better fit for you. More likely than not, a plastic one will be acceptable for air travel.


ecoFlex crate: ecoFlex is a composite of wood and recycled polymer that offers the best of both materials. This material is resistant to pests, rot, weather and moisture.


Something to keep an eye out for!


The door to the crate should latch securely and not allow your pet’s head to squeeze out. Also make sure that the door remains closed even if your pet applies pressure in an attempt to get out. Some pets could escape from Alcatraz if given a chance, make sure you keep them on lock-down.


We have a nice selection of New Age and Merry Pet habitats, that will suit your pet’s needs. We have small, medium, and large sized crates available in a variety of styles. As always offers FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States.


So ensure that your time away from your pet feels like they live here.


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