Patio Heaters: Turn Your Patio Into An Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor patio heater can turn your patio into an extension of your living space and stretch your patio season from summer into fall and there are a wide variety of models available. Patio heaters have become important pieces of furniture and there are a wide variety of models available. Here are some basic tips for deciding which type of outdoor patio heater best suits your needs.

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Choose a patio fire pit for simplicity. Fire pits are the simplest and least expensive type of patio heaters, consisting of a container where a campfire can be build. A fire pit may be portable or can be installed in the ground and made a permanent part of a patio. There are many styles of fire pits available, from simple metal bowls to elaborate stone towers. The advantage of a fire pit is that it provides the atmosphere of a crackling outdoor fire.


Choose a patio chiminea for practicality. Mexican chimineas are gaining in popularity as patio heaters. A chiminea is a free-standing clay or metal pot with a wide opening at the bottom and a short chimney on top.


Choose a patio fireplace for elegance. An upscale type of patio heater is an outdoor patio fireplace. Some patio fireplaces are designed to resemble indoor fireplaces, complete with fire screens and mantels. Other patio fireplaces resemble cast-iron stoves. Patio fireplaces can be wood-burning or fueled by propane gas or electricity.


Use a standalone patio heater for versatility. Standalone heaters are the most versatile type of patio heaters. They consist of a freestanding post topped by a propane burner. The flames of the burner are enclosed by a screen. A standalone patio heater can provide the most consistent warmth, sending out heat for a radius of up to 20 feet. Many freestanding patio heaters use natural gas or propane for fuel. There are also freestanding electric and radiant patio heaters available.


You can extend your outdoor backyard season with a fireplace or firepit, unfortunately not everybody has the money or space for a patio fireplace or wants a campfire in their backyard. We have a fantastic selection of standalone outdoor patio heaters that offer warmth and convenience. These versatile models provide warmth at a discounted cost. We provide FREE shipping to the continental United States as well as offer a price well below retail value. Check out our assortment of heaters and then invite the neighbors over to ring in the new year outdoor style.

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