Nightwatcher Security: Safety Solutions For Your Home

Protecting the safety of your home and those who live within it is a top priority for most people.  Many have turned to motion detectors or home security systems for their protection.  While home security systems are effective they are often expensive and motion detectors only alert you to the fact that something was near, but not what created the motion. to the rescue!!  We have found the perfect inexpensive solution with the Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Tracking Lights with or without Cameras.  The New and Improved Versonel Nightwatcher Pro VSLNWP220 Security Light - $99.99 and the Versonel Nightwatcher Pro VSLNWP502 - $149.99 are a proven and effective method of deterring intruders from entering your home or business.



The New and improved Versonel NightWatcher Pro VSLNWP702 Robotic LED Security Light with Color Camera - $199.99 has a patent pending motion tracking feature built into a PIR lamp (Passive Infrared Sensor) with LED floodlight.  It also includes an integrated digital color camera with built-in SD memory card which will record or photograph events. How cool is that?



Find out what has to to say about the VSLNWP702 here.


All of the Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Tracking Lights with or without Cameras come with FREE SHIPPING, get yours now!

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