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How to Remodel the Spare Room into the Ultimate Man Cave

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We all need to get away at times, and having the perfect man cave can give you that mini vacation any night of the week. If you have a spare room that rarely gets used, it’s time to get creative and start planning your dream den. Though it’s tempting to want to cram the space full of TV screens, games, and sports memorabilia, it’s best to be judicious in your selections so you don’t overwhelm the room. We at Home Improvement Leads have found that these 5 steps are essential for any man cave renovation.


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Make Your Must-Have List

Once you have cleared the spare room out, make a list of everything you want in your new room. With the list compiled, take measurements of the space and each piece you wish to incorporate. You can get a good idea of how well everything will fit by creating a layout on gridded graph paper. If your drawing starts to feel too cramped, then you know it will feel even more so in person. Sometimes you’ll have to be willing to ditch the second TV in order to accommodate your vintage pinball machine.


Consider Your Comfort

No one wants to be drenched in sweat while trying to relax. That’s why comfort is key in creating the perfect man cave. If your room doesn’t get proper ventilation, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned or your A/C unit serviced. When neither of those do the trick, these portable air conditioning units from 3 Gorillas are both efficient and affordable.



Come game day, it’s going to get a little loud inside your cave. Protect the rest of the neighborhood by installing extra insulation and soundproofing materials. Though a contractor’s crew would be able to complete to job more quickly, this is certainly a manageable do-it-yourself project for many homeowners. Don’t forget to soundproof your ceiling with an acoustic quilt, too, especially if your children’s bedrooms are directly overhead!



Usually a color scheme doesn’t seem to make it onto the top of the design page, but it is an essential element that shouldn’t be overlooked. Pick your favorite item or the largest item in the room, and pick wall and fabric colors that will enhance this piece. This attention to color will make your space more inviting for yourself and all your friends.



Wet Bar

According to the Man Cave Rulebook, you can’t have a man cave without a wet bar of some kind. Of course, this can be as simple as a small fridge and bar cart, but why do simple? Since your new room is going to be the go-to spot for any movie night, game tournaments, and football Sundays, up your game and get a kegerator. Then, no one ever has to miss a moment of the fun by trucking to the kitchen for another cold one.


With just a bit of planning and a lot of excitement, your man cave will be set up in no time!



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