The New Upgraded Versonel Loft Conversion Bed Frame

My college days are far behind me, but not far enough that my memories have faded. One of my clearest memories is my dorm room and spending time with my roommate, who is still my best friend. We would stay up late, borrow each other’s school supplies, and walk everywhere together. We would also bicker constantly about how our room should be laid out. I was a traditionalist – just leave it how it was when we got there – a hallway type room with a mirrored wardrobe, twin bed and desk lined up in a row across the long walls. However, with our addition of a micro-fridge unit between our desks, there was almost no room to actually pull out our chairs and sit at our desks. This started the great debate of how to maximize our 150 square foot room: one week we would have bunk beds, one week one bed would be raised on blocks and they would be overlapping, forming a T, one week they would be back to how it started, and so on…

How much easier life would have been with the Versonel Smart Loft Twin Size Conversion Dorm Bed Frame! Rising up even one of our beds 3 feet would allow enough room for a micro-fridge, and bookshelf, even a big comfy chair without compromising the rest of the minimal floor space, and allow us both to sit at our desks and study without butting up against anything. Ahh, if only…

So now I am a full on grown up working for Versonel. Well, I may look like a grown up, but I still need help plunging a toilet, hanging up paintings, and I don’t even want to talk about the holes in my kitchen from when someone let me use a power drill…. To sum it up, I am not mechanically inclined at all. Where am I going with this? I was tasked with assembling the new, upgraded model of the Versonel Smart Loft Twin Size Conversion Dorm Bed Frame to make sure it really was fool proof.  When I first pulled out pieces, I nearly cried… but then I reminded myself that I do know how to read, and this came with pretty simply instructions, so I went to work. Less than 20 minutes later, I did it! I put the entire thing together! I inserted the screws, I tightened the bolts, I actually built something!
Point of the story… actually both stories, is: 


The Versonel Smart Loft Twin Size Conversion Dorm Bed Frame is necessary for living in a tiny space for 4 years. It is simply a steel frame that you place you dorm bed on top of and presto – you get space to sit under your bed.


We really did upgrade this model. It is sturdier and much, much easier to assemble. If I did it, you can too!


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