Kegerators: Full Flavor At A Discount Price

A kegerator can be an excellent addition to your home. It is perfect for throwing parties and entertaining your family and friends. There is no easier way to enjoy the taste and convenience of draft beer at home. However, there are many different types of kegerators on the market. To choose the right one, you will need to compare your options and make some decisions about what you want from your new kegerator.

Danby Freestand Full Keg Kegerator Beer-meister Dispenser - DKC146SLDB

Figure out where you want to use your kegerator. Some can only be used indoors, while others are better suited for outdoor use. Models that can be used either indoors or outdoors are also available.


Measure the amount of space you have to store your kegerator and also how much draft beer you want to store at a time. This will help you decide how large of a model to choose. Look for models that can hold more than one type of draft beer at a time. These types of kegerators are ideal for entertaining because your friends can choose between different types of draft beers.


Find out if the kegerators you're choosing from come with any additional refrigerator space. This extra space can be used for storing things like food, ice or wine. Extra space is typically available with upright kegerator models, which tend to be more expensive.


We have several freestanding full size kegerators as well as a table-top model that holds 5 liter kegs perfect for any get-together. We offer these models at deeply discounted rate and FREE shipping within the continental United States. The holidays are coming and you know you want to be the most popular person at the party. Well, if you pick up one these kegerators there is no doubt you will be talk the of the neighborhood.

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