Keg Wizard: Math That Makes Sense

How much beer do I need?  This is an age old question that has boggled the greatest of minds for centuries.  Well, we at have found the answer: The Keg Wizard


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We have all been the host of the party where the beer runs out too soon, or worse yet a guest. Nobody wants to mutter those embarrassing words, the keg is kicked, and hear the inevitable ahh from your guests.  Now they have to make up excuses why they need to leave and you are making excuses of why you didn't buy enough beer.  THIS ENDS NOW!


Our crack team of chimpanzees have finally come up with a useful purpose for math and science and we call it:







Beer estimating made simple from  All you need to do is imput the amount of guests and the approximate amount of beer they will drink and bam, you have your total beer consumption for the night.  You are welcome in advance.


Now that you know how much beer you will need, you will need a fancy new kegerator to show off your beer knowledge to your friends.  Check out our great selection here.


Tired of paying for ice when you're tailgating or camping?  Check out these awesome keg covers that will keep your keg cold without having to pay for ice here.


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