Jiffy Clothes Steamers: Affordable Steamer Solutions

Clothes steamers of the past were large and bulky and impractical for household use. However, today's clothes steamers are compact, effective and affordable. As such, it is easier than ever to use a clothes steamer to smooth wrinkles from almost any type of clothing or household fabric.

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Garment Clothes Steamer.

Clothes steamers are available in both standard and handheld sizes. Standard-size clothes steamers, which feature larger water reservoirs and more powerful steam output, are often used for commercial use or by individuals who need to steam many clothes at any given time. Smaller, handheld clothes steamers are ideal for household use, because they are compact and quite easy to use.


The ideal clothes steamer will feature variable steam settings to allow you to adjust the steam level according to the fabric you are steaming. Variable steam settings will prevent damage to delicate clothing and fabric.


The price of a clothes steamer will depend largely upon its size and effectiveness. However, additional design features such as dual voltage capabilities for overseas travel, travel bags and brush attachments will all affect the retail price of the clothes steamer.



We have a terrific selection of Jiffy clothes steamers that will fit your all of your personal steaming needs. Whether you need to remove wrinkles from your clothes, smooth your table clothes, or remove pesky wallpaper during a home renovation, Jiffy steamers will take care of the job quickly and effectively. These items come with a 30 day 100% refund policy if returned in new condition.  3 Gorillas also offers FREE shipping within the continental United States. Take a look at our options and see which model and color is right for you.










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