iTouchless Garbage Cans: Hands Free Technology

So what is an iTouchless trash can anyways? Well, strictly speaking, iTouchless is the name of a company that specializes in touchless trash cans. You might have also heard them referred to as automatic trash cans. The reason for this name is that you don’t need to touch them to use them. All you usually need to do is place a piece of trash in front of the infrared sensor, and the lid will automatically swing open so that you can place your garbage inside. Brilliant!


One of the primary advantages of an iTouchless trash can is that it helps stem the spread of nasty diseases and viruses which can often accumulate on your trash can lid. Most diseases are spread when you touch something that someone who is sick previously touched. This means that if a sick person used the trash bin, then you would come along and deposit your trash, but pick up some germs at the same time. Gross!


 Watch the video demonstration of how an iTouchless trash can works, then check out our great selection of these fantastic items.

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