Franke Undermount Kitchen Sinks: Quality & Style

We have been carrying the Franke USA brand of sinks for years now and get nothing but kudos from customers.  Their superior quality and style has put them well above what you will find in most home stores.  Many of the undermount sinks have various size and style options that give home owners a break from the norm.  We have a variety of their latest and top styles at just fractions of the prices charged anywhere else in the United States.  One such example is our Franke 33" Undermount Double Bowl Fireclay Sink PRK160MB, this unit sells online elsewhere at over $900, our price just $399.99.



Another example of a unique product from Franke, would be our Franke PRM110-7 7" Undermount Single Bowl Sinks which come in either a bronze or anthracite tone.  It has a very classic look and with our pricing, an unbelievable opportunity to bring some unique characteristics to your home.  We sell these units at just $89.99 where elsewhere you will pay over $500 a sink!


If you are looking for some very high end sinks at great pricing, please be sure to check out our entire Franke USA line! 

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