Save Energy and Money with Danby and Smart+ Products

During both the summer and winter seasons, climate control and air regulation are of utmost importance. We would all prefer to be comfortable in our homes and offices, and many of us have become used to adjusting temperatures with the use of air conditioners, heaters, and dehumidifiers. However, it’s becoming impossible to overlook that the use of these appliances are taking a larger chunk out of our wallet compared to previous years. Luckily has a large variety of Energy Star and environmentally friendly products as well as a bevy of advice on how to keep your home temperature controlled without causing your heat and electricity bills to skyrocket.

When selecting appliances and looking to reduce energy costs, it’s important to first check for the Energy Star rating. Energy Star is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that works to help business and individuals spend less and protect our environment by rating appliances for superior efficiency. Products like this Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier are tested and certified to be the most economical in its class, at least 10% more efficient than any competition, making it possible to protect your home from mold, mildew and disagreeable temperatures while also protecting the environment.

Depending on the season both air conditioners and heaters are a necessity, especially in states where temperatures frequently hit the nineties or above or drop well below freezing. It’s important when using moveable air conditioners or heating products like the Smart+ portable heaters to be  strategic about placement. If your home is large or has multiple levels, consider placing your portable heating units and air conditioners in different zones of your house. Not only will this reduce the amount of time each unit runs, it will also give you the option to heat or cool only the certain areas of the home that are occupied at that time. Then, when sleeping, you only paying to heat or cool the rooms being used, as opposed to the whole house.

With both air conditioners and heaters, it’s important to turn the appliances down while at work or asleep. It’s simply not true that leaving appliances running costs less than re-heating or cooling the house, especially if you are using a zone placement strategy. Even though almost all of the Danby portable air conditioners are already energy efficient and environmentally friendly, you can still save more by reducing usage at night or when gone. Use blankets while sleeping to keep warm or ceiling fans to help cool.


Properly insulating your home, especially the attic, is another important step you can take to lower energy costs. The more heat or cool air that escapes, the longer your appliances will be running. Take the proper steps to fully insulate windows and drafty doors. Even buying a draft stopper and checking that the sweeps beneath each door are in working order can lower costs noticeably each month!

Also, use Mother Nature and the outdoors! Although we’re already used to cracking windows on cooler days during the summer, there’s still more you can do to take advantage of the outside. On cold, sunny days, open your blinds to allow the sun’s rays to help heat your home. On hot days, shut the blinds to have the reverse effect and keep rooms cooler.


Perhaps the most important tip to reducing costs is upgrading any appliances. If your heaters, dehumidifiers, heaters (or any other climate controllers) are more than 8-10 years old, it’s time for a new one! Newer appliances are almost always more energy efficient because technology has become more advanced through the years, but also because appliances tend to slow down as they age. Check out any of the 40 plus Danby products to find new air conditioners and climate control products that will run effectively, and compare varying energy rates by using sites such as to ensure you’re getting the best deals and running the most efficient home possible. 

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