Putting An End To Air Wars

We've all been there; co-workers who like to play with the thermostat at work, causing one end of the office to turn into the Arctic, while the other end is as hot as the sun. What about everyone at home complaining it's too warm or too cold? It's 2012, shouldn't we have evolved better climate control?


And what if you need an air conditioner in the Summer and a dehumidifier in the Spring? Who wants two machines taking up space?


If you've dreamed of air comfort reality, dream no more, because it's here.


We recently acquired a shipment of well-performing Danby 12,000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioners. We spared these cool machines a malicious death at the landfill, took them apart, replaced the guts with brand new parts, cleaned it inside and out, and now they are ready for primetime. You don't need to worry about a thing, with our satisfaction guarantee and our basic warranty, plus an option for an extended warranty.


Right now you can pull the trifecta by saving the planet, getting the best 3-in-1 machine in the market, and saving 36% by getting yours at 3Gorillas.com right now.


Just imagine...no more hot, muggy apartment or office with this air conditioner. It can easily cool 500 square feet and runs efficiently by running the water it collects over the evaporator coils to minimize the energy it uses. It is light-weight and easily maneuvered in any area, and with its quiet operation it won't disturb anyone. 


So to summarize:

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