Responsible Retailing - Our ECO-Friendly Business Model

In today's competitive world of retailing, many stores continue to look for the next big thing to come out and sell to consumers. Many times new products are developed and launched with little consideration on their effect on the environment once they have outlived their original lifespan.


At we take the future of our Earth and the environment very seriously. We have built our business around re-claiming products and refurbishing them to like-new condition so that they can be used and enjoyed and not end up in a landfill.


The concept is very similar to purchasing a pre-owned car, in that you can still purchase a high-quality automobile that someone else no longer wanted, at a discount to the original price. This is a tremendous value, and it makes sense for those of us who don't want to see more crushed cars in landfills.


These same advantages are offered to our customers:


1 - They have the opportunity to demonstrate their consciousness about the environment by using refurbished products.

2 - They are able to purchase products in like-new condition for steep discounts to their original price.


If consumers continue to offload used appliances and other products to the landfill, or allow new-out-of-box models or overstocked items to be shipped overseas (where they are not handled responsibly), we perpetuate the ongoing environmental hazards we face today.


In these times there is a struggle between environmental activism and economic prosperity. Families want to be eco-conscious, but they also have to watch their budget and find new ways to save money when they need new appliances and other products. Purchasing high-quality refurbished products is the perfect solution to meet both concerns. At we offer a no-hassle money-back guarantee just to make the deal that much better.


Please take a few moments to watch this video below to learn more about how our refurbishment process works, then check out our product lines and start saving -  both money and the environment.


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