Ducti Wallets: High fashion and high function

A man's wallet can serve as a fashion and personal statement. A professional-looking wallet sends a message that the man is mature and responsible, while something shaggy says he's just the opposite. Pick a wallet the same way you would pick a tie or jacket since others may judge you by its appearance.

Ducti Classic 100% Duct Tape Bi-fold Wallet - 10101SL

Pick a wallet that reflects your age or status. A Velcro wallet, or one with a prominent logo, is not a professional-looking piece. A single-fold or multi-fold style may be subject to trends, but either one will do.


Choose a wallet that fulfills its functional purpose, which means it has just enough room for the credit cards and identification you regularly carry. Do not pick one with extra slots you won't use, or one so roomy that you think you can stuff it with more items. A famous "Seinfeld" episode had the George character stuffing his wallet with so many things that it eventually exploded. Avoid the temptation and pick a wallet just big enough for your needs.


Choose a wallet made of sturdy material. Check the stitching to see if it's straight and goes around the entire wallet. Assume you will have the wallet for some time, so pick a material that will last even if the price is high.



We use duct tape to fix anything, right? Well, now we even can even use it as the material for our wallet. We have a unique collection of Ducti wallets that would make the perfect stocking stuffer or great for yourself. The wallets are guaranteed to not peel or get sticky, plus they come with a lifetime trade-in policy. Throw in the fact that we always offer FREE shipping in the continental United States and you can check one more thing of your holiday shopping list.

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