How will YOU keep your beer cold during your next picnic?

We all like inviting our friends and neighbors over for burgers and dogs and some icy cold drinks during the summertime.   However, it never seems to fail though, you either don’t buy enough ice or you buy too much.  This leaves you stuck with warm drinks or pounds of unused ice that just gets melted down the drain.  Those are YOUR dollars going down the drain - you just paid for wasted frozen water?!?!


The problem solvers that we are at now have an economical and ecological solution with The Danby Designer DIM1524W Ice'nEasy Portable Ice Maker.   Ta Da!!!



Danby DIM1524W Ice Maker


This little unit boasts the ability to make up to 33 poundsof ice in a 24 hour time period.  Perfect, for any outdoor get together.  Once again in the  spirit of "What one man gathers is what another man spills"  we have refurbished these portable icemakers and can now pass them on to you at a incredibly reduced price. 


Let’s think about it, once you use an item one time it is considered a "used" item right?  Why pay so much more for only that first "new" use when you can get the exact same model thoroughly refurbished to like new at a reduced cost?   No matter what the situation, we are here to help you become the toast of the town even on a budget.  You have now become the socially concious, deal finding expert, completey evolved consumer with the help of your friends at  You can thank us later...

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