Deni Meat Slicers: Eating Out From Your Home

Everyone likes to have a fresh deli sandwich with freshly cut meat and vegetables, right?   Unfortunately, the cost of food is going up and eating out isn’t always an option. to the rescue once again!  We have found the perfect solution to your sandwich dilemma, the Deni Premium 8.5 Inch Blade Electric Meat & Food Slicer.  This meat slicer is perfect for your home and is great for handling all your food slicing needs. Check out all the cool features it has and its capabilities.


Deni Premium 8.5 Inch Blade Electric Meat & Food Slicer - 14250


The Deni Food Slicer Classic II is a die cast aluminum slicer with a stainless steel cutting platform and blade and a powerful 150W motor that will slice through boneless meats, bread, cheese, vegetables, and even lettuce. The cutting platform is angled to allow food to fall away from the extra-large 8-1/2" universal blade easily. Food pusher with grips holds onto food while slicing. Adjustable thickness knob allows for slices from thin to up to 3/4" thick.





The Deni Food Slicer features a removable blade and retractable cutting platform to make wiping around those hard-to-reach places easier. Comes ready to use, no assembly required.





• Extra-Large, 8-1/2" diameter, universal stainless steel blade

• Adjustable thickness knob for precision slicing

• Speed control settings from high to low

• Safety childproof feature

• Handles for easy carrying

• Food pusher designed to hold food in place while slicing

• Includes plastic serving tray

• Angled stainless steel platform allows food to fall easily

• Extra-large platform for hams, roasts, and blocks of cheese

• Durable die cast aluminum construction, no assembly required

• Easy to clean with removable blade and retractable platform

• 150 watt AC motor


As always offers FREE  SHIPPING on all orders in the continental U.S.


Get your Deni Premium Food Slicer here for only $79.99!

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