Spring 2018 Dehumidifier Buying Guide

So you are in the market for a dehumidifier. Maybe you have a wet or damp basement, allergies that just will not quit or a room that floods when it rains and you just want to make sure it is dry. Regardless of the reason, you have made a good decision in investing into your home and health.  


What does a dehumidifier do? Besides the obvious removing moisture from the air, dehumidifiers also provide the following benefits:


  • Mold prevention
  • Improved air quality
  • Help eliminate dust mites
  • Protect your home from structural damage caused by high humidity
  • Help you feel comfortable by lowering humidity and making the temperature cooler


Great! You decided to buy one… now, which dehumidifier do you need?


The first thing you want to look at is size. The larger the capacity of the dehumidifier, the larger room it can pull moisture from.


  • Small Rooms:

Small spaces like a bathroom or laundry room, a dehumidifier with a capacity of 25-40 pints is perfect

A perfect example of a Dehumidifer for this need is the Danby Premier 30 Pint DDR30WB3WP


  • Mid-Sized Rooms:

For rooms like bedrooms, a dehumidifier with a 40-59 pint capacity is recommended

Such as the AeonAir 45 Pint RDH45EB


  • Large Rooms:

For open spaces or a large basement, a dehumidifier with a 60+ pint-capacity is ideal

Something like the AeonAir 70 Pint with Pump RDH70EDP is ideal



Home Guide to Buying a Dehumidifier


Now, what features do you need? Here is a list of some buzzwords you might see on a dehumidifier ad, and some quick and easy definitions:



  • Pump
    • You can hook up a hose to your dehumidifier and have it pump the water it collects up into a sink, out a window, or any point higher than the dehumidifier, just like the AeonAir 70 Pint with Pump RDH70EDP 







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