Danby Compact Dishwashers: Save Money, Save Space, Save Water

We understand that not everyone has a gigantic kitchen. We also understand that having a dishwasher seems like a luxury that some people can’t afford. Well, we at 3 Gorillas have found a perfect solution for your dishwashing needs, a compact dishwasher that can be set on your countertop.

Danby Energy Star Compact Countertop Portable Dishwasher White DDW497W

As usual we at 3 Gorillas are committed to providing environmentally conscious products and the Danby Energy Star Compact Countertop Portable Dishwasher White DDW497W, is just that. This unit has a low water usage and has been saved from the land fills by our excellent refurbishing team. This compact dishwasher fits on your kitchen countertop without any trouble and has about 4 general place settings making it suitable for singles, couples and small families. The height is perfect for fitting it into most crammed up kitchen tops. Also it is easy to set up with any kitchen tap and comes with a quick connect package which offers inlet and drain hose. This eliminates the need for direct plumbing!


Don't let your sink look like this!!



Make it look like this with a Danby Compact Dishwasher!!



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