Crush That Damp Room

So you have a room that has that damp feeling and musty smell to it. Everyone avoids it because it feels like being in a locker room after a while. It's that room where you send your annoying brother-in-law when he comes to stay for a few days. You've tried those pitiful little dehumidifiers you get at the box stores, but it's no match for this room. They simply can't keep up. It ends up being a full time job emptying the reservoir. The room just mocks you and your futility.


We have just completed refurbishing Superman. Well, at least the super hero you need for this job. Our Danby DDR5009REE 50 Pint dehumidifier easily handles as much as 3,000 square feet. These models were customer returns and new-out-of-box models that we have completely taken down and improved with new parts. They boast the Energy Star designation and use eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. It's programmable and hold a tremendous 50 pints of water. It has fully-adjustable humidity settings and auto de-ices itself. Best of all it's a ninja.


This room has no idea what you are bringing to the fight. So do yourself a favor and create a better home environment while saving our planet by picking up the Danby DDR5009REE Dehumidifer.


So to summarize:

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