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How To Choose The Right Water Filtration System For You


Ok, you’ve decided to get a water filter system. Whether you have chosen to get one because you don’t like the taste of your water or you are concerned about contaminants, you need to figure out what kind of filter fits your needs the best. When purchasing a water filter you need to look at the different methods that are available to purify the water.


Does a point of origin system work best for you?  This system includes showerhead filters and faucet filters, or maybe a whole home system is what you need.  A system like this will allow filtered water to come out of every faucet and tap in your home.  Taking these points into consideration will assist you in making a decision on you water filtration system.


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A point of origin filter is a water filter that only connects to one faucet or source of water. Showerhead filters and sink faucet filters are examples of point of origin filters.  They purify the water as it comes out of the tap and remove the impurities in the water that damage your skin, your hair, and your fingernails.


If you are more than just concerned about the way you look or making your water taste better, you might contemplate purchasing a whole house filter system. A whole house system connects directly to your plumbing and all of the water used in your home is filtered before it runs through your pipes. This enables you to use filtered water for washing your clothes and dishes, as well as using it for drinking and bathing.


Understanding your desires for a water filtration system will help you choose which system best suits your needs and will help guarantee your contentment with your decision. has teamed up with Aquasana to bring you the best water filtration products available. Aquasana has designed and produced quality water filtration products, under private label, for over 50 U.S. and international companies and is considered an industry leader in ultra-filtration products.  So, whether you need a point of origin filter or are looking to purify your entire house we have the system for you.  Check out our line of Aquasana filtration systems here.


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