Cook Soft Boiled Eggs in your Versonel Air Fryer?

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Eggs. I love eggs. Normally I am a vegetarian, but my aunt has some really happy chickens that lay a surplus of eggs and she is more than happy to share them with me.

So one uber lazy Sunday, I wanted eggs but really didn’t feel like the hassle. But wait – I have an air fryer! Let’s see what I can do.


Soft Boiled Egg – Yes, really!


Ok, soft boiled eggs aren’t rocket science to begin with, but I seemed to have inherited my grandmother’s awesome skill of boiling everything over – even water. Enter the Versonel Air Fryer.


Step 1 – Drop the egg in. Not too hard! You don’t want it to crack!

egg in the air fryer basket

Step 2 – 330 degrees for 8 minutes.


Step 3 – Drop test – just for fun :)


Step 4 – Put in an ice bath until cool for easy* peeling!

*If you have farm fresh eggs, there is no way that I have found to easily peel. Good luck!egg over spinach

Step 4 – Put over spinach with some cheese and seasoning, and break with a fork. I was like a kid at Christmas – so beautiful!open egg

Buy your air fryer here, and enjoy!

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