Versonel Air Fryer VSLAF15TS - My New Favorite Kitchen Appliance, Healthy, Oil Free Frying

Like most people, I am constantly resolving to lose weight and be healthier. And, like most people, I manage to stretch the limit of what is “healthy”. I got the Versonel Air Fryer with the LCD Touch screen, and instantly my mind started racing with how much healthier I would be now that I could air fry my foods instead of using oil for a deep fry.


Here is how that thought process went: Ohh, I can make apple chips, I love apple chips… but they get kinda bland… but since I am using air to fry them, it won’t hurt much to sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on them… yes, like apple pie… I love apple pie… OH! I wonder if I can make apple pie in my air fryer?


The answer is YES!! Even better, you can make a personal apple pie that tastes better than McDonalds. And, you know, since it’s personal size you can eat just one… or five :)


Here is what you need have:

 ~Egg roll Wrappers

  you can get them at any grocery store, usually stuck behind the tofu in the produce section


~Apple Pie Filling

  You can use canned, but I am lucky enough to have a mom who makes apple pie filling in a mason jar so we can have “fresh” apple pie year round, and it has that extra-special ingredient – love :)




~Cinnamon and Sugar

  If you are like me, and on the coconut sugar bandwagon, even better! I love coconut sugar, and you can buy some with the cinnamon already mixed in – score!

Here is what you need to do:


~First, and I will try to contain my excitement, you don’t have to preheat anything! Right?! No preheating the oven. No warming up oil on the stove – NOTHING! I love it!


~Warm up some butter and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar in it. No, don’t measure. Just use your personal preference.


~Ok. Lay out an egg roll wrapper. If you are like me and can’t roll to save your life, use two

  OH! But then you can spread some of that butter/cinnamon/sugar mixture in between the two layers for another level of deliciousness


~Spoon on some apple pie filling. Not much. Again, if you are an expert roller, pile it in. If you are like me, use less. My piles were the size of golf balls


~Wrap it up!


~Use some of your yummy butter mixture to seal the edges – don’t be afraid to roll it around in the butter (sooooo bad for you, but sooooo yummy!)


~Plop it in your air fryer at 280 for about 20 minutes, or until its browning… or until you can’t the epic smell of apple pie goodness coming out of your newest favorite kitchen appliance


~Take out carefully – tongs help! Sprinkle with more cinnamon and sugar and please, let it cool! I know you will want to dive right in, but if you wait you can pick it up and eat it.

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So. Good. :)

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